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Shamanic Journeying with Horses

June 17 & 18, 2017

Facilitated by Eve B. Lee,  Shamanic Practitioner & Advanced EFL Instructor

 In shamanic journeying, the rhythmic, percussive sound of the drum enables us to enter an altered state of consciousness outside of time and space, what we call nonordinary reality.  Specific intents are set, usually to seek healing and information from Helping Spirits in nonordinary reality. Anyone can learn to journey–no special talents are needed, but certain guidelines must be followed to ensure safety and integrity for all involved.

Participants in this two-day workshop will engage in shamanic journeywork with horses as our guides and teachers. Together we will explore ways the ancient practice of shamanic journeywork can support and enhance our lives and bring us closer to authentic connection with nature.

This workshop is open to new and experienced journeyers, activities will include:

  • Shamanic journeying

  • Working with Guides and Helping Spirits

  • Discovering the messages behind emotions

  • Reconnecting with your authentic self

  • Using your body as a sensing device

  • Clearing your hollow bone/emptying your vessel


June 16 & 17, 2017          

9-5 each day plus fire ceremony Saturday evening

Cost:  $250     (includes lunch both days)

$50 nonrefundable deposit reserves space; balance due 6/1/2017

Please note that you must fill out an interview application prior to registering for all workshops. Please download the application below. Fill it out, then attach it to an email after you click send application. 

Calendar for Workshops 

Dreaming and Journeying with Horses

August 19 & 20, 2017

Facilitated by Eve B. Lee, Shamanic Practitioner & Advanced EFL Instructor

Are you seeking a deeper relationship with your authentic self? Do you long for a deeper connection to Spirit and to the rhythms and cycles of the Earth? Are you ready to break the old agreements you have made with yourself and restore balance and harmony in your life? Then come and dream and journey at Loghaven.


We engage with horses in our shamanic journeys as we explore movement, music and meditation together. Activities include meeting the herd, reflective round pen experience with the horses, shamanic journeying to the drum around the bonfire, and dreamwork together...

August 19 & 20, 2017          

9-5 each day plus Saturday evening bonfire

Cost:  $250     (includes lunch daily and supper Saturday evening)     

$50 nonrefundable deposit reserves space; balance due 7/15/2017

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